PS4 Controller Red Light | Reasons & Fixes

PS4 Controller Red Light

The PS4 controllers, often known as “Dualshock”, are a set of gamepads. The name Dualshock is derived from the fact that this controller uses dual motors for vibration (shock). These gamepads provide vibration feedback and analog controls designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation family that enhances your gaming experience.

This controller has many buttons and a light in the front to indicate the status of the controller. This light flashes different colors for different things. If your PS4 controller is flashing red light and you don’t know what it is, then this article is for you. Here you will know what the red light is for and how to fix it.

Why is My PS4 Controller Flashing Red Light?

There could be various reasons why the PS4 controller light is red. Some of the main reasons why your PS4 controller is flashing red are mentioned below. 

1. Loose Port and Battery Connection

There are chances that the PS4 controller is blinking red light because of a loose port and battery connection. This will not allow the controller to charge and you won’t be able to use your PS4 controller. The best way to prevent this is to make sure the connection is proper and not loose. 

2. Faulty USB Cable

A USB cable is used to connect the controller directly to the PS4 console and also to charge the controller. If the cable is faulty, you cannot connect or charge your controller. This leads to red light flashing on PS4 controller. You can use another cable to make sure whether the problem is with the USB cable or the port. To solve this, you can also clean the ports. If this doesn’t help, you have to replace the USB cable.

3. Faulty Ribbon Cable

Another reason why the PS4 controller is showing a red light is because of the faulty ribbon cable. Every PS4 controller has these cables that are used to charge the controller. If this cable is faulty, your controller won’t charge and you won’t be able to use it. By using alcohol or other cleaning agents, try to clean the ribbon. If this doesn’t work, then you have to replace the ribbon cable.

4. Worn out battery

Sometimes, while playing games, we don’t realize the battery level of the controller. The controller shows a red light if the battery is worn out or defective. To solve this, you can connect the USB charging cable to your controller. 

The red light on PS4 controller could also be because of the in-game feature. For example, if you are playing GTA IV and the cops in the game are behind you, the controller will emit red light. Therefore, it is very important to know why there is a red light on the controller. After knowing this, you can easily solve the issue.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Red Light

The problems causing the PS4 controller to flash the red light are common problems that can occur to any PS4 user. You can fix these problems by yourself. The important thing here is to know the cause why your PS4 controller is flashing red light.

Once you know the reason you can execute the solution for that specific problem. This will save your time and effort. Different solutions to fix the PS4 controller red light are mentioned below.

1. Check if it’s your Unique Player Color

PS4 allows users to play various amazing multiplayer games. Different players play with different PS4 controllers. Now each player is represented by a specific color depending on their player number. This helps to avoid any confusion while playing multiplayer games.

The default colors are Blue for player 1, Red for player 2, Green for player 3, and Pink for player 4. Before trying to find the solution to fix the red light issue, check if it’s your unique player color. Many users make this mistake. PS4 does not provide you with an option to change the color of your specific player number.

PS4 controller red light

But if you want to change your controller color, you can switch between the users. To change the color of your PS4 controller, follow the steps given below:

  • First, you have to create four users and assign each profile to a different color: Red, Blue, Green, and Pink.
  • Change the color by signing in with various users.
  • You can repeat this process till you obtain the desired color.

2. Unplug the Charging Cable

Sometimes it happens that the PS4 controller, which is connected to a USB charging cable, just flashes a red light. Due to this, the controller is not being charged. At such times, you should unplug the charging cable for 30 seconds and then connect it again.

Many times, it happens that the controller is fully charged but we still keep the USB charging cable connected. Unplugging the charging cable might solve your red light issue.

3. Replace your DS4 cable

The PS4 controller flashes red light when the battery is low. In such scenarios, plugging the controller into the DS4 charging cable solves this issue. But sometimes the cables are faulty and the controller is not receiving power, so the problem continues.

To make sure whether the cable is faulty or not, try using another cable and see if the controller is charging or not. If the red light issue is not solved after using another cable, try checking the ports.

4. Replace the Ribbon Cable

PS4 controllers have a ribbon cable that helps to charge them. When these ribbon cables do not work, the PS4 flashes a red light to indicate a hardware issue. If you aren’t able to charge your controller, the battery will drain out completely. In two ways, you can solve this red light problem:

  • Either using alcohol or another cleaning agent, clean the ribbon cable. Cleaning it might solve this issue.
  • If cleaning does not help, you have to replace your ribbon cable.

Use this solution only if you are completely sure that the ribbon cable of your PS4 controller is faulty.

5. Reset PS4 Controller

If none of the above solutions work, then you can try resetting your PS4 controller. Your PS4 controller might be flashing red because of some software bugs. Once you reset the controller, this problem will be solved. To reset your PS4 controller, follow the steps given below:

  • There is a reset button next to the L2 button on the backside of your PS4 controller. 
  • It is a very tiny hole, therefore to press the reset button you have to use sharp objects like pins or sim card ejectors.
PS4 controller flashing red
  • Now connect your PS4 controller to the console using the USB cable.
  • Now, there is a PlayStation button on your controller. Press it to turn on your controller.

By following these steps, you will successfully reset your PS4 controller. And the red light issue may be solved.

6. Turn on PS4 in Safe Mode

Another way to fix red light on PS4 controller is to turn on the PS4 in Safe Mode. It is a very simple process and it can help you solve any software issues. To turn on your PS4 in Safe Mode, follow the steps given below:

  • First, you have to completely turn off your PS4 console.
  • Press and hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds until you hear a second beep noise.
  • Now, by using the USB charging cable, you can connect your Dualshock controller to the PS4 console.
PS4 controller blinking red
  • Now using the “X” button on your controller, select “Restart PS4”.

By following these steps, you have opened your PS4 console in Safe Mode. This may solve the software bugs causing the flashing of red light on the controller.

7. Reset PS4 Console

If none of the above solutions work for you, you can reset the PS4 console. This will remove all the data stored on the console and solve all the bugs. This will eventually solve the problem causing the blinking red light on your PS4 controller. Resetting a PS4 console is a simple process. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Press and hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds. You can also do this using the QuickStart menu.
  • Now remove the cable from behind that supplies power to the console.
  • After waiting for a few minutes, connect the power supply cable again and turn on the PS4 console.
  • Now using the USB charging cable, connect the PS4 controller to the console.
PS4 controller light red
  • Now using the X button, select “Initialize PS4”.

Make sure you create a backup of your data or else you won’t be able to retrieve it. 


The flashing of red light on the PS4 controller is due for various reasons. This problem can occur to any PS4 user. When you know the cause of why the controller is flashing red light, you can solve it by yourself.

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