PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC

We all enjoy playing games on our PCs. Playing games using a PS4 controller, which is also known as DualShock 4, provides us another level of gaming experience. Sensitive triggers, improved sticks, textured grips, and various unique features of the controller allow you to take full control of the game. These controllers are connected to the PC via Bluetooth. Many users who use their PS4 controller with a PC face this problem where the PS4 controller won’t stay connected to the PC. There are various reasons for this issue to occur. If you deal with the same problem, then this article will be useful to you.

Causes Of “PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC” 

There can be numerous reasons why your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting. The reason could be faulty ports, outdated Bluetooth drivers, signal interference, and more. Given below are the main reasons why this problem occurs.

I. Software Missing: We all know that PS4 controllers are not optimized for PCs. When connecting and using the controller with the PC, you have to provide some additional software. This software is required for the smooth functioning of the controller. The DS4 software on your Windows OS is a must when using a PS4 controller. 

II. Bluetooth Drivers: The Bluetooth drivers play an essential part when using any Bluetooth device. One of the reasons why your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting is because your Bluetooth drivers might be outdated. This issue can also occur if the Bluetooth drivers are not installed properly. 

III. PS4 Controller Setting: After disconnecting the controller from the PS4, some PS4 settings can be set and kept on the controller, which can be taken to the PC. Therefore, we advise first resetting the controller and then PS4 if the controller is connected. This will help clear these settings and ensure that the PS4 controller does not have any issues while connected to your PC.

IV. Connection List: There is a connection list on modern controllers. This list contains the devices to which the controller has connected. When the controller gets confused between this list and the connected device, the disconnecting problem occurs. 

V. Bluetooth Settings: The Bluetooth settings may be incorrectly established on your computer. And because of this mistake, your controller might be disconnected from your PC. 

VI. Faulty Controller: Sometimes, a defective controller may hinder users from connecting correctly to their Windows PC. Therefore, when everything else does not work, it may be time to verify whether the controller is broken.

How To Solve “PS4 Controller Won’t Stay Connected To PC” 

Now we know the reasons causing this problem. So, now we will focus on how to solve these problems. The solutions for these problems are not too complicated; any average computer user can do them independently.  

1. Download DS4 Windows

Download DS4 Windows - PS4 Controller Keeps disconnecting From PC

DS4 Windows is a portable software that helps you use your PS4 controller on your PC. The PS4 controller may be disconnected from your PC because your PC doesn’t have the updated version of the DS4 Windows. To solve this, download and install the latest DS4 Windows on your PC. Along with DS4 Windows software, install the latest drivers too. This will ensure a smooth computation, and your controller will not disconnect from your PC on its own. 

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2. Check Bluetooth Settings And Drivers

Drivers are computer software responsible for proper communication between your computer operating system and your hardware. Even for your Bluetooth, there is a Bluetooth Driver. These drivers are responsible for the efficient working of Bluetooth. If these drivers are outdated, the Bluetooth will not perform up to the mark. This causes the problem where your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from your PC. Check if your Bluetooth driver is up to date or not. If not, update them. 

Another reason why your controller disconnects are your Bluetooth settings. Sometimes, users unknowingly make some improper settings in their Bluetooth. Because of these settings, the Bluetooth keeps disconnecting. Try and fix your Bluetooth settings. This may solve your problem.

To configure your Bluetooth setting, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. In your Windows 10, look for “Device and Printers” on the Control Panel. Find and right-click your controller under “Device and Printers” and “Remove Device” if your PC is connected to the controller.

Step 2. When your controller is not connected, access Bluetooth settings and then choose “Add Bluetooth Device.” After this, press the “PlayStation” button and the “Share” button on the controller simultaneously. This will enable Bluetooth pairing mode. In paring mode, your controller will start flashing light, and your PC will detect your controller. 

Note: Do not click next after this step.

Step 3. Select “Properties” after right-clicking on the controller once it is connected to your PC. After this, a dialog box appears with a “Drivers for keyboards, mice, etc.” checkbox. Select the checkbox and then click on “Apply” and then “OK.”

Step 4. Go to the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and right-click it after the drivers have been installed. Now click “Allow a device to connect” and follow the instructions on-screen to finish the operation. When connected, it won’t disconnect again during gameplay.

3. Check The Cable

One of the reasons why your controller is disconnecting from your PC could be the cable. The cable must be faulty or damaged due to which the controller disconnects. To verify this problem, the best way is to inspect the cable carefully from head to tail. Replace the cable with a new one if you find that the cable is damaged at any point. After this, check whether your problem is resolved or not. 

One more reason for this problem could be the port you are using to connect the controller. The port might not be working, causing the disconnection of the controller from your PC. In this case, try connecting the controller using a different port. Even if now you are not able to connect your controller via cable, try connecting through Bluetooth. The steps to connecting your controller to your PC via Bluetooth are:

Step 1. Turn “ON” Bluetooth on both PC and controller.

Step 2. In the case of a PC: Just press the keyboard’s Bluetooth key.

Step 3. For Controllers: Press the “PS and Share” buttons for a few seconds simultaneously.

Step 4. To open the windows settings, press the “Window+I” keyboard combination.

Step 5. Next, pick the option “Devices” and select from the left panel “Bluetooth & Other Devices.”

Step 6. Click on the “+” symbol linked to “Add Bluetooth or Other Device” and then select from the list of available devices “Wireless Controller.”

Step 7. Finally, try to play games and ensure that the controls work correctly.

4. Reset PS4 Controller

Reset PS4 Controller - PS4 Controller Keeps disconnecting From PC

If nothing is working for you, try resetting the PS4 controller. It is a straightforward process, just follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Turn off the PS4 and click on the “Reset” button in the rear of the controller near the L2 shoulder button.

Step 2. Then take a needle or paper clip which is unfolded, and then for roughly five or six seconds, press and hold down the “Reset” button.

Step 3. Then release the button, reattach your controllers to the PS4 console, and then turn on your PS4, check whether your controllers are working properly.

5. Reset Connections  

Resetting the connection might solve your problem. The process of resetting the connections is very simple. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Make sure your PS4 is functioning right and is turned on.

Step 2. Then, disconnect your controllers and then press and hold the “PS + Share” buttons for a few seconds together. 

Step 3. Release the buttons after a few seconds, and the new connections will be searched.

Step 4. Reconnect controllers via Bluetooth to verify whether PS4 controllers continue to disconnect from PC Bluetooth on Windows 10.

6. Check Steam

Check Steam - PS4 Controller Keeps disconnecting From PC

Many user experience this issue of PS4 disconnecting from their PC while there are using Steam. There are two methods in which you can solve this problem, just follow the steps given below:

Method 1:

Step 1. To turn off the PS4 controller, press and hold the “PS” button on the controller until the lights on the controller are off.

Step 2. Then dismiss the PS4 window and verify sure your PC isn’t connected through Bluetooth to any controller:

Step 3. Go to “Settings” then to “Bluetooth & Other Devices.” If your PC is connected to any controller, you can see it here.

Step 4. Disconnect if any controller is still connected, you can also go to DS4Windows and then go to the “Controllers” page and make sure it is disconnected.

Step 5. After this, the controller ID should be displayed by the DS4windows after you press the “PS” button to turn on the controller.

Step 6. Instead of closing the DS4 window, minimize it and launch “Steam.”

Step 7. Ensure that the controller is connected in steam. To launch the big picture mode, just press the “PS” button.

Step 8. Now, from the steam library, run the steam game and verify that the problem where the controller was disconnecting from the PC is fixed or not.

Method 2:

Step 1. Open steam configuration, go to the controller, and then click on general controller configuration.

Step 2. Now check the type of controller you have; choose PlayStation setting support for the PS4 controller.

Step 3. Click on controller shutdown time and pick “Never,” by default, it must be set to 15 minutes. 


Now we know the different reasons why the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from your PC. From all the solutions mentioned above, one of them will surely solve your problem. This problem also occurs while using Steam. There are two solutions to this problem that are mentioned above.

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