Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Sale

Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Sale

With Black Friday quickly coming, some brands have already started to lower their cost or are informing users about price drops that will take place during Black Friday. Logitech is no different, Logitech has already reduced the cost of the Logitech G502, Logitech G Pro & Logitech MX Master mice, and while we haven’t heard anything about Logitech MX Keys, we expect the keyboards price to drop as well during the Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Sale. 

Without any discount, the Logitech MX Keys cost around $100, which is why many people are eagerly waiting for Logitech to announce a price drop during the Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Sale. But why are people so eagerly waiting for the Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Deal? The MX Keys is a wireless keyboard with a durable build with low profile designs and excellent features that enable the user to spend long hours in front of your PC. 

Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Review

Logitech MX Keys Logitech MX Keys Check Black Friday Price
Logitech MX Keys Mini Logitech MX Keys Mini Check Black Friday Price
Logitech MX Keys Mini For MAC Logitech MX Keys Mini For MAC Check Black Friday Price

Just from the looks of it and using it for a few minutes, I can tell you that the Logitech MX Keys are made using metal, making the keyboard pretty durable. The keys aren’t very loud since the keyboard is made for office use, but the keys still give a nice feel when using it to type content. The nice feel comes from the soft-touch plastic that provides a rubbery feel at the first tap. 

Another thing that you will notice in the keys is the circular depression that tends to move your fingers towards the center of the keys. This reduces the number of errors you make while typing and saves time when trying to type as fast as possible. 

If the soft switch touch and elegant looks aren’t enough to convince you to take the Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Deal, then let us inform you about the keyboard’s features. If you look at the rear of the keyboard, you will notice a switch with on/off text, and you will also see a USB-C port on the side of the keyboard. Using the USB-C port, you can quickly charge your keyboard and use it wirelessly. 

Once fully charged, Logitech says that the keyboard stays powered for 10 days with the backlighting on and can stay charged for around 5 months with the backlights switched off. With a battery life this long, you will not need to search for a USB-C cord regularly. Another feature that you might like is the keyboard sensor. The keyboard can sense your fingers approaching the keys and automatically switches the backlight on. While it is not a major feature, it adds a nice touch to the keyboard. 

We will now shift our focus to the major features of the keyboard. You can connect the MX Keys keyboard to 4 PCs in one go. This feature is of great importance when you are working on multiple screens. Another feature of this keyboard becomes active when you combine the keyboard with the MX Master 3. By combining the keyboard and the mouse, you can use a single 2.4 GHz dongle to connect them. This saves up another USB port on the PC. 

There are a few things that I did not like when I was using this keyboard. They are; 

1) The software shows you your battery level, and you can adjust some function settings using the software, but the keyboard does not have Macros which would have been good to have. 

2) There aren’t enough incline settings on this keyboard; therefore, finding the sweet spot to place this keyboard can be a little tricky. 

Should You Take Up The Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Deal?

Honestly, if I did not already have this keyboard in my office, I would be waiting for the Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Deal. The keyboard is suitable for anyone who spends many hours in front of computers and has to type a lot. There is a minimal hassle of wires with the keyboard, and the keyboard is extremely durable. 

You could say that $100 is costly, but anything below $100 gets you a plastic keyboard that might not last as long and not have the features this keyboard does. With this, we conclude the Logitech MX Keys Black Friday Review; if you have any doubts, let us know using the comments section below.  

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