Top 7 Lightest Gaming Mouse

Best Lighweight Gaming Mouse

The lightweight gaming mouse has taken the community by storm, becoming must-have equipment for gamers looking to gain a competitive edge. These devices are designed for speed and accuracy, best suited for FPS and MOBA players. But you can’t just buy any lightweight gaming mouse. 

Following is a list of some of the best lightweight and ultralightweight mice in the market today.  

7 Lightweight Gaming Mouses 

Just as we spend a considerable amount in picking out every single component of our gaming setup, the same principle applies to the lightest gaming mouse as well. A good mouse with a Mouse bungee come in handy and provide good longevity to your mouse by protecting against friction and resistance. 

Therefore, we have put together a list of the top 7 lightweight mouse for gaming so as to help you in your decision.

1. Cooler Master MM710 gaming Mouse

The Cooler Master MM710 is a gaming mouse explicitly created for gamers looking to gain some competitive edge. It is one of the highest-ranking mice in the Esport community. Its lightweight and durable design paired with great performance make it a gaming mouse that every first-person shooter covets. 

The first thing that you would immediately about this mouse is its honeycomb design. The exterior structure is designed in a unique pattern with holes in the shape of honeycombs. The hexagonal shapes provide superior durability to the mouse while using reduced material. This helps to make it one of the lightest gaming mouse in the market. Built from ABS plastic, the mouse can resist high pressures on the top surface with ease. 

The total mouse weight comes to about 53g, and that is not considering the eight grams of the wire. The wire is 1.8m long, which means you will have a wide range of motion without tugging on the wire too much. The PixArtPMW3389 sensors in the mouse are very accurate and can provide a tracking speed of 400 images per second and sensor performance of 1600 dpi.

To provide longevity and get your money worth from this mouse, the buttons use OMRON switches. These switches, specifically built for gaming, will provide you with a lifespan of 20 million clicks. This means that you can go for 20 million clicks before showing any signs of reduced performance from the mouse. 

There are a few backdrops to this mouse. For example, this is one of the smallest gaming mouse on the list. If you have been used to using a bigger mouse, you might feel a little uncomfortable. However, over time you will get used to it. Another backdrop is that the position of the shortcut buttons is more favorable to right-handed players. If left-handed, then this mouse is probably not for you. 

All things considered, this is one of the best lightweight gaming mice that you can buy for a budget price and still get high-end performance in your games. 


  • Honeycomb Design 
  • Compatible software to change performance
  • Worth its money
  • Strong and Durable 


  • Bare-bones software
  • Unappealing design

 2. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Razer is a well-recognized brand in the gaming industry, famous for creating some of the best peripherals for gaming setups. The Razer Viper Mini is a lighter version of Razer Viper (one of the best claw grip gaming mouse) and comes in an ultralight gaming mouse category. The great design and unbeatable performance make it one of the best ultralight gaming mouse in the market today.

The exterior design of Razer Viper Mini uses a conventional design, unlike the other lightweight mice, which are prone to using honeycomb patterns. However, it can go head-to-head with any mouse in the market today when it comes to speed and accuracy. It can provide all the main features of a good mouse, i.e., speed and accuracy.

The mouse weighs about 61g without the wire. It has an optical sensor of 8500 dpi, one of the highest on this list, and when paired with a tracking speed of 60 ips, you get a mouse that responds to even the slightest flick of your wrist. To give better control to the user, you can switch the DPI setting from the button provided on the top of your mouse.

The mouse uses Razer Optical Switches in its buttons. These are mechanical switches known for accurate response, which means not a single click goes unnoticed. Due to their durability, you can easily get 50 million clicks out of these buttons without any sign of faltering.  

The 6 programmable buttons can be configured using the Razer Synapse software to improve your gaming performance. The onboard memory in the mouse will save your profile for future use. 

It comes with a Chroma RGB color profile and underflow, which can provide up to 16.8 million colors. These settings are customizable, or you can use one of the presets. The wire weighs around 7-8 g and has a flexible design with minimum drag, so you need to get pulled back from the wire friction.


  • Premium features for its price range
  • Perfect for low profile users
  • Mechanical switches
  • RGB lighting system 


  • No wall adapter for the dock
  • Inflexible scroll wheel

 3. Gwolves Hati HTM Ultra Lightweight Honeycomb Design Wired Gaming Mouse

Gwolves is a Chinese company that has put all of its resources into creating the best lightweight gaming mice in the market. They have two lines of gaming mouse, the Skoll, and Hati. The Skoll line designs full-sized mouse, whereas Hati designs light and ultralight mouse.

The Gwolves Hati HTM is a lightweight mouse that incorporates a honeycomb pattern in its design. This design is one of the main reasons for it being the best ultralightweight mouse in the market. While the honeycomb design requires less material, keeping the weight to only 61g, it also creates a sturdy and durable design.

The mouse uses Pixart 3360 type optical sensor, which can provide a quick and accurate response. It can reach a maximum resolution of 12000DPI. This, paired with a tracking speed of 250ips, you will get a significant competitive advantage with this mouse.

With a max acceleration of 50G, you can wave the mouse around like a maniac, and it will capture every movement with ease. The switches incorporated in this mouse are very durable and accurate, with no chance of ghosting. You can go up to 20 million clicks without seeing any signs of wear or tear.  

Unlike many mouses, the Hati HTM is ambidextrous and can be used by left-handed and right-handed players with ease. It comes with 6 programmable buttons to give you an added edge during multiplayer sessions. 


  • Max Acceleration of 50G
  • 12000 DPI optical sensor
  • Ultralightweight paracord
  • Ambidextrous mouse


  • Compatible with Windows only

4. HK Gaming Mira S Ultra Lightweight Gaming Mouse

HK Gaming is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, keycaps, and headset. These lightweight mice are some of the best in the market providing speed and accuracy to their users. The HK Gaming Mira S mouse is one of their leading ultralightweight mice, and we will look into some of the features that make it so. 

The HK Gaming Mira S is the lightest available gaming mouse in the Mira line of products. The ‘S’ stands for small, and the mouse weighs only about 61g, give or take 2g. It is considered to be one of the lightest gaming mice in the world today. The reduced weight of the mouse is due to the hexagon or honeycombed pattern used to develop the exterior. This design reduces weight while increasing the overall durability of the mouse. 

The mouse uses a Pixart PMW3360 sensor which can provide a performance of 12000 dots per inch. This performance, paired with the tracking speed of 250 ips, can give quick response time and catch even the smallest movements. The sensors dpi is adjustable using the HK gaming software. 

Mira S comes with 6 programmable buttons that can carry many functions, giving you an edge during your gaming sessions. The buttons utilize OMRON switches which mean each click is registered accurately, and each button is identified separately.

The mouse has great ergonomics, which makes holding the mouse for long periods easier. It is also ambidextrous, which means both left and right-handed people can use the mouse. The mouse is dustproof to protect from any dust-related damage and comes with interchangeable mouse slips.

To improve your gaming experience, the mouse has RGB lighting installed in it. These lights react beautifully to the game that you are playing. 


  • RGB Gaming Mouse
  • Paracord Cable and white PTFE feets
  • OMRON micro switch
  • Ergonomic and ambidextrous


  • Low tracking speed
  • The cord isn’t drag-proof

5. DELUX Wired Lightweight Gaming Mouse

If DELUX is not on your radar for gaming mice, then you need to update your list. Though not well recognized in the gaming community, the gaming mice created by DELUX have features that will enhance your gaming experience tenfold. 

This mouse incorporates the honeycomb design, just like most lightweight gaming mice in the market. It weighs 67g, which is heavier than most models in the market but not so heavy that it hinders your performance. It is a wired mouse that uses a 1.8m long drag-free cord. The length and drag-free factor make you feel like you are using any other wireless mouse. 

The eye-catching feature of this mouse is its optical sensor DPI. The sensor has a base DPI of 200 and can achieve the maximum DPI of 7200DPI. You can change the dot per inch using the pro gaming software, but there is a better option. On the mouse, behind the scroll button, two buttons can be used to change the DPI. Press the above button to increase and the one below to decrease the DPI. You can choose a favorable number from 6 presets; 200, 1200, 2400, 6400, and 7200 DPI. The buttons have a lifespan of 10 million clicks which makes for longevity and durability.

Using the pro gaming software, you can make changes that will be stored on the onboard memory. You can choose button functions, light effects, and other macro settings. The mouse also comes in two different modes; office and gaming. By pressing and holding the right button and scroll button for 3 seconds, you can switch between these modes.

The mouse comes integrated with an RGB lighting system which provides clear and amazing colors. You can set the lighting system in the pro gaming software as per your need. 


  • Manually changeable DPI
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Scrolls with ridged grip
  • RGB lighting


  • Tracking speed not specified
  • Only 10 million clicks lifespan

6. ROCCAT Burst Pro Extreme Lightweight Optical Pro Gaming Mouse

Roccat Burst Pro is one of the best lightweight gaming mice in the market today. It is known not just for its fantastic performance but also its eyecatching design.

The Burst Pro uses a honeycomb structure to create a lightweight exterior which also adds to the durability. Unlike other lightweight gaming mice, the honeycomb structure is covered with a translucent surface. This provides ergonomic hold while displaying great AIMO lighting from within.

The mouse buttons are made using Roccat’s own Titan switches to provide accurate performance without compromising on speed. These mechanical switches provide lightning-fast and precise clicks. They are considered to be one of the best in the market today.  

The mouse can reach a maximum DPI of 16000. You are given manual control over the DPI using the button behind the scroll button. You can lower the DPI when not using the mouse for gaming. 

The mouse uses advanced heat-treated glides, which are better than the PTFE glides normally used. You will get fast glide speed without any delay. 


  • Titan Switches
  • Extreme ergonomic design
  • AIMO lighting
  • Heat-treated glides


  • Suited for Windows only
  • Heavier than most lightweight mice

7. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Though the last entry on this list, the Razer Basilisk X is a beast mouse that can beat any other that we have mentioned so far on this list. It is one of the lightest wireless gaming mice on the market, which is why it makes this list. 

The Razer Basilisk X weighs about 106g, making it the heaviest mouse on this list. But it comes with many features that still keep it in the competition. It is considered to be 25% faster than most wireless mice in the market.

The Hyperspeed wireless tech makes sure that you are provided with low latency and reduced interference when gaming. It is genuinely the most wireless mouse in the market.

The mouse can reach up to a max DPI of 16000. To give the user more control, a DPI button on top can be used to switch between 5 DPI settings.

You get dual connectivity modes. You can switch from Bluetooth to Hyperspeed wireless to get an edge while gaming. Switching connectivity amicable will help you get an energy-efficient performance of 450hrs battery life.


  • 25% faster than most wireless mice
  • Hyperspeed wireless technology
  • Efficient power consumption
  • 450hrs of battery life


  • Heavy
  • Max acceleration 40G


A lightweight gaming mouse is designed to keep competitive gamers in mind but can also be used by general users. The reduced weight with increased performance means you can get to enjoy your muse even more.  However despite these benefits, we understand that it might be difficult getting used to these tiny mice. Read our reviews on some of the best gaming mouse if you want more options.

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