How To Use Joy-Cons On PC As One Controller

How To Use Joy-Cons On PC As One Controller

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are game controllers that can be utilized as one or separately according to the player’s preference. This is quite an extraordinary feature in the Joy-Con and these controllers can be connected to the Switch via Bluetooth as well. But the question here is can you use a switch controller on a PC? Of course, you can! And we will guide you on how to do it.

In the event that you love playing games on PC yet need to take a stab at playing with something other than keyboard and mouse, or essentially find it more comfortable to use a controller, then we bring you different ways which can assist you to easily connect your Switch Joy-Con controllers to your PC.

How To Connect Joy-Con To PC

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con functions as mini-PC controllers. Here are 2 super easy methods by which you can set up the Joy-cons on PC as one controller. The following methods are only compatible with Windows PCs since we will be using vJoy, a software only available for Windows.

Method 1: Using UCR

If you are searching for an easy method on how to connect switch controller to pc then this might be the easiest procedure to do so. This method involves few steps that are as follows:

  • Download vJoy.
  • Open Configure vJoy and Monitor vJoy.
  • Format “2” devices in Configure vJoy and the “Green” highlights will indicate the active devices on those boxes.
Configure vJoy and Monitor vJoy
  • Switch to Monitor vJoy and check if all of the Joy-con buttons are working with the computer and vJoy. You will find the light adjacent to that vJoy button lighting up if it is working fine.
  • Download UCR which is an input remapping software.
  • Load vJoy SCPVBus into UCR to facilitate vJoy and UCR communication.
  • Start UCR with vJoy running simultaneously. Click “vJoy” from the “IOClasses” drop-down menu in UCR GUI.
  • Click on “Install SCPVBus (Will Restart UCR)”.
Load vJoy SCPVBus into UCR
  • Add a custom Joy-con template into UCR. The file name is “UCR.ini.”. Move “UCR.ini.” into the folder having the UCR icon (the green H) and run UCR once again as administrator. Note: The UCR might look like it has crashed but don’t worry you can find it in the Notification Area at the bottom right of your PC screen.
  • Map the Joy-con inputs to the virtual Xbox 360 controller here. The “Input Button” column on the left is the Joy-con button command and the “Output Button” column next to it is what the input will correspond with on the Xbox controller.
  • Assign the remaining Joy-con buttons.

Although this is a simple, successful, and reliable method, it has a shortcoming i.e., the camera controls are not very sensitive as each of the sticks has a d-pad configuration. A note to keep in mind before moving onto the second method is when you open Steam Big Picture Mode, the Joy-cons are required to be configured as an Xbox 360 controller. However, the Uplay need not be configured.

Method 2: Using x360ce

Method 2 has an upper hand here as it has the option of analog sticks unlike Method 1. But this method of connecting Joy-cons to PC might be less reliable as there are chances of input lags that could be in between 0-2 seconds. Method 2 is more compatible with Windows 10 and not so optimized for other versions of Windows. Let’s have a look at how to use Joy-cons on PC as one controller in this method.

  • Go to this GitHub page and open “;” in another tab.
  • Download the Zip file and extract that whole folder.
  • Format 2 devices in vJoy just like in Method one.
  • Type “command” in your search bar and run the Joy-con driver from the command prompt. Note: This step might be a bit tricky if you’re not much of a PC person. However, searching for “command” in the search bar will solve your problem.
  • Now your Joy-con must be working as one controller. However, a third-party application is required to utilize both Joy-con in a game and to remap inputs. One such application could be x360ce.
  • Open x360ce. You will encounter a pop-up window.
How To Connect Joy-Con To PC Using x360ce
  • Click on the “Search automatically for settings” option.
  • Keep clicking on “Next” for each of the pop-up windows that appear until they stop appearing.
  • Click on the “Auto” button present at the bottom of the window from the “Controller 1” tab. The buttons shall light up when pressed. But this does not confirm the functionality of the controller.
  • Go back to Monitor vJoy for remapping according to your preference.
  • Press the desired Joy-con button. This will lead to a lighting up of the number related to that button. Click on that number from the drop-down menu next to the preferred Xbox 360 button.

And this is how the second method works in order to use Joy-cons on PC. You have to keep in mind that even after you connect Joy-con to PC certain measures should be taken to make your PC acquainted with the inputs from each controller. Joy-cons are considered to be the best option for playing older games that has simple controls and DirectInput API.

You can connect the switch controller to the PC to play games through your PC’s emulator. This can be very comfortable if you’re someone who loves to play old-school Nintendo games on modern computers. Nevertheless, few adjustments might be required to grow accustomed to using upgraded controllers.

Using Bluetooth To Use Joy-con On PC

One explanation to numerous gamers liking the Nintendo Switch is that its Bluetooth technology effectively connects and associates with the PCs nearby. This is even possible if you have a Joy-Con and Switch controller.

Before connecting your Nintendo Switch controller to a PC or any Android gadget, you should ensure that you have a Bluetooth receiver and that the two objects are moderately nearer to one another. Without much effort, you can pair up Joy-Con controllers with a Windows or Mac PC directly from the Bluetooth menu. Following are the steps on how to connect Joy-con to PC by using Bluetooth:

  • Go to your PC’s “settings” menu.
  • Click on “Bluetooth & other devices.”
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your PC.
  • Disconnect the Joy-Con from the Switch.
  • Press on the Sync button on the Joy-Con that can be found between the SR and SL buttons. Hold it till the LED lights start flashing.
  • Find “Joy-Con” on the Bluetooth menu of your PC and click on it to pair it with your gadget.

However, you have to look out for few quirks in the process like the situation where the Joy-Cons light will not stop blinking. In this case, you can confirm the pairing of your controller by checking out the Bluetooth settings of your PC. If you still encounter an ERROR message then you must try moving the controller to ensure that there are no interferences by other devices blocking the signal.


There is no simple method to use Joy-cons on PC altogether as a single controller, yet you can get it going with a few specialized techniques. There is a genuine complexity in the process of syncing Joy-cons on PC as one controller as it involves a few external programs followed by intensive tinkering. But you can utilize the vJoy application for tricking your computer into believing that the Joy-Cons are a regular old PC controller. Moreover, by following the steps aforementioned and manipulating some settings, you will be able to connect Joy-cons to PC.

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