Top 10 Best Tactile Switches For Your Keyboard

Top 10 Best Tactile Switches For Your Keyboard

Computer and laptop users use keyboards for various purposes, like typing, gaming, giving input, and more. People either use regular keyboards or mechanical keyboards along with their computer or laptop. Mechanical keyboards are responsive, sturdy, and durable. The main difference between a regular keyboard and a mechanical keyboard is that the mechanical keyboard has switches under each key.

There are three types of switches used in a mechanical keyboard. They are tactile, clicky and linear switches. Each switch suits a particular user type. In this article, we will learn about the best tactile switches and rank them from 1 to 10.

What are Tactile Switches?

A tactile switch is a switch that has a little bump or resistance when you press it. These switches make an audible click sound when pressed. This sound is not annoying; it is rather satisfying compared to clicky switches. The little bump or resistance gives you complete assurance that you have pressed a key. Using a keyboard with a tactile switch can increase your precision and accuracy.

These switches are mostly used for typing as they help the user to reduce their mistakes. These switches are perfect for beginners who want to switch from a regular keyboard to a mechanical keyboard.

 Advantages of Tactile Switches

The tactile switch provides great feedback. The little bump on the tactile switches allows users to avoid mistakes while typing. This is possible because each bump assures that the particular key is pressed. These switches are durable and can be used for a long time compared to regular membrane switches.

The noise these switches make when they are pressed is very low and oddly satisfying to some users. The tactile switch keyboard is the best option for users who want to switch to a mechanical keyboard.

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10 Best Tactile Switches 

There are a variety of tactile switches available to use. Here we will know the 10 best tactile keyboards. Every tactile switch makes a bump noise when you press the keys, except few switches. This bump sound can be reduced using a lubricant.

1. Glorious Panda Switches

Glorious Panda Tactile Switches

The Glorious Panda Switches justify their name and are truly glorious switches. These switches are of very high quality and offer great tactility. These switches can be used for many purposes, whether it’s gaming, typing, or any other professional work.

These switches have a high actuation force, which provides a very smooth feeling when pressing the keys. The tactile feedback of Glorious Panda Switches is also great. 


  • These switches offer great tactile feedback.
  • Pressing the keys is very smooth. 
  • These switches have a high actuation point.


  • These switches are quite expensive.

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2. Cherry MX Brown Switches

Cherry MX Brown Tactile Switches

These tactile switches are mostly used by gamers and users who have to type. These switches are very durable and will last longer. The Cherry MX Brown Switches can take up to 100 million keystrokes.

These switches offer a smooth tactile bump which is very satisfying to use. These switches are not too expensive nor too cheap. They come at a decent, affordable price.


  • The switches can last up to 100 million keystrokes.
  • They come at an affordable price.
  • The switches are sturdy and stable when you press them.


  • These switches have a low actuation point.

3. Boba U4T Switches

Boba U4T Tactile Switches

The Boba U4T Switches are produced by Outemu. These switches are great tactile switches. This switch is also considered as a sibling of Boba U4 by Outemu. The tactile bumps on these switches are strong and loud.

These switches are cheap compared to Boba U4. Due to the sound and the price, the Boba U4T gets a higher place in the list. The “T” in Boba U4T stands for “Thocc.” And surely these switches are the thocciest tactile switches.


  • These switches have nice tactile feedback.
  • The switches are very sturdy and durable.
  • These switches produce a nice bumping sound.


  • These switches are expensive.

4. Halo Clear Switches

Halo Clear Tactile Switches

The Halo Clear Switches are great tactile switches. These switches provide amazing tactile feedback. The housing of these switches is very strong. Due to this, these switches provide great stability.

These switches have high actuation points and provide a smooth feeling when pressing the keys. This makes these switches the best for typing. The actuation force of these switches is 54g. This makes pressing the buttons are very smooth and easy.


  • These switches have a high actuation point.
  • These switches have a low actuation force.
  • These switches are very stable.


  • These switches are a little expensive.

5. Cherry MX Clear Switches

Cherry MX Clear Tactile Switches

These switches are a little heavier than the Cherry MX Brown Switches. These switches are more durable and sturdy. The Cherry MX Clear Switches provide good tactile feedback and are high-quality.

This makes these switches a bit expensive. To press the key, you have to apply a considerable amount of force. These switches are best for typing as they increase your accuracy while typing. 


  • Due to 65g of actuation force, the errors made while typing are reduced.
  • These switches are very durable.


  • These switches are expensive.
  • These switches are not good for gaming due to their high actuation force.

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6. NovelKeys x Kailh Blueberries

NovelKeys x Kailh Blueberries Tactile Switches

After the critical response of Novelkey Creams, Blueberries are the new Novelkeys called Kailh tactile switch. The bumping noise of these switches is loud and lasts longer. The switches are scratchy and pingy, just like the Novelkey Creams, as they are both made of the same material.

These switches are scratchy and the bump sound is not as good as other tactile switches. This is the reason why this switch is in sixth place on the list. 


  • The switches are cheap.


  • These switches have a very long bump and can be annoying.
  • These switches are very scratchy. 

7. Boba U4 Tactile Switches

Boba U4 Tactile Switches

The Boba U4 switches are good tactile switches. These switches are known for their silent bumps. These switches are housed very tightly and, therefore, are very stable. These switches, instead of having a bump sound, have a nice mushy sound.

These switches are best if you use them in a public place. This switch is in seventh place because most users do not feel that they have pressed a key.  

These switches have a high actuation point. If you want to use a mechanical keyboard that doesn’t makes noise while typing or playing games, then these switches are for you.


  • These switches produce no sound when used.
  • Best for use in public places.
  • These switches have a high actuation point.


  • These switches are very silent, which is not preferred by many users.

8. Durock T1 Switches

Durock T1 Tactile Switches

The Durock T1 tactile switches are great mechanical switches produced by JWK. These switches have nice tactile feedback. This switch has a nice bump noise which will help you to reduce mistakes.

The Durprock T1 switches offer great tactility and provide an amazing feeling. These switches are the most tactile. These switches come at a moderate price, not too high, and not too cheap.

These switches are available in different weight options, ranging from 62g to 67g. These switches are in 8th place on the list because of the loose housing of the switch. 


  • These switches are very smooth.
  • This switch comes at an affordable price.
  • These switches offer various weight options.


  • These switches are not stable due to poor housing.
  • These switches do not have the best sound.

9. Topre Tactile Switches

Topre Tactile Switches

The Topre Switches are great tactile switches, but they are a little different from other tactile switches. Unlike other switches which have electrostatic and captive switches, these switches have a rubber dome.

Other than this, the Topre tactile keyboard switches offer all the features of a mechanical switch. These switches offer great tactility with low bump noise. This switch provides a strong “Thunk” tactile feedback when you press the keys.


  • These switches offer great tactile feedback.
  • Innovative rubber dome.


  • These switches are not used in many mechanical keyboards.
  • Few users do not like the bump noise.

10. Outemu Brown Switches

Outemu Brown Tactile Switches

Outemu is one of the leading producers of mechanical keyboard switches. It offers great switches at a cheap price. The Brown switches offered by Outema are some of the best tactile switches.

These switches are very smooth to press and offer a very swift tactile and seamless event trigger. Also, the tactile bump offered by this switch provides an amazing feeling when using the keyboard.  


  • It requires a very low actuation force of about 40g.
  • It has a high tactile trigger. At a height of 1.2mm, the tactile bump trigger is activated.
  • These switches are cheap.


  • These switches are a little unstable.


Tactile switches are amazing to use. It doesn’t matter if you use it for gaming or typing, it gives excellent performance. All the tactile switches mentioned above are amazing to use. You are going to enjoy using any tactile switch from above.

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