Top 7 Best Mouse Bungees for Gaming

Best Mouse Bungees for Gaming

Behind every pro-gamer, there is an impressive and well-planned gaming setup. Right from the monitor up to the seat cushion, everything has to be taken care of if you are prone to long gaming sessions. An integral component of the gaming setup is the mouse. And when you get right down to it, all it takes is one little slip of the mouse to lose a match. 

If you ever had thought of getting yourself a mouse bungee, you may have scrapped the idea off thinking of it as a gimmick or an improvement too minuscule for your needs. However, the more knowledge you have about bungees, the more likely you are to buy one as soon as possible.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to mouse bungees. We have also shortlisted the top 7 mouse bungees for gaming to make your job easier. 

What Is A Mouse Bungee?

What Is A Mouse Bungee

A mouse bungee is a device that holds your mouse cable in such a way so as to avoid the cable getting tangled anywhere, allowing you to have the perfect amount of right cord irrespective of the position of your mouse on your mouse pad. 

If you watch any online gaming event, you’ll see that every professional using a wired mouse tend to use a mouse bungee, also called as a cable management device. A mouse bungee is the best solution to keep the cable from interfering with your mouse movements. 

When you are setting up the bungee, ensure that it is set up correctly to allow the cable to reach each and every edge of the mousepad fully. Bungees with flexible arms will move with you around the corners. In this case, see that the bungee is aligned adequately for an even mouse movement. 

Advantages Of A Mouse Bungee

The significant advantages associated with a mouse bungee are:

  • Reduced Drag
  • Greater Degree Of Control
  • Improved Aim/Precision
  • Reduced Clutter/Friction/Resistance
  • Cleaner And Consistent Mouse Movements

As we mentioned above, all it takes is a slip of the mouse for you to lose or go down in a game. Thus, using a mouse bungee keeps your mouse free from any Interferences, such as friction caused by the cable running against the mouse pad, the cable hanging off the table edge, and the cable bunching into itself, causing resistance and a spring-back effect. 

Many pros have agreed that mouse bungees primarily add to their precision by adding consistency to their setup, ultimately reducing the available amount of hassle in their gaming setup. Meanwhile, the world is yet to get accustomed to wireless mice, which is why they’ll have to make do with cords/cables. 

A mouse bungee helps in significantly reducing the wear and tear on your cord. Similarly, the constant back and forth movement can cause scraping and damage to the cable. A mouse bungee helps prevent that. Apart from the basics, many mouse bungees provide additional features such as USB ports, lighting ports, and other niche features which might be compelling. 

7 Best Mouse Bungees

Just as we spend a considerable amount in picking out every single component of our gaming setup, the same principle applies to mouse bungees as well. Mouse bungees come in handy and provide good longevity to your mouse by protecting against friction and resistance. 

Therefore, we have put together a list of the top 7 mouse bungees for gaming so as to help you in your decision.

1. Razer Bungee V2

The Razer Bungee V2 comes with a weighted base that provides you with great non-slip gaming flexibility. It has a drag-free cord cable control up to 3.2 metres. With less drag and no frag, the Razer Bungee V2 is the best you can have for both office and personal uses. Because of its aesthetic exterior designs, this bungee makes it worth investing in.

The clip easily holds mouse cables of all thicknesses with ease, and the entire base is rubberised to provide users with that extra grip. In addition, it provides improved gaming precision by carefully eliminating mouse tangling and provides greater mouse accuracy by giving you complete freedom of movement. 

The space-saving design makes it perfect for you to have an organised desk while simultaneously making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you value a smaller footprint and an adjustable arm, the Razer mouse Bungee V2 is the perfect buy.


  • Drag Free Cord Cable Control
  • Rust Resistant Spring Arm
  • Weighted Base


  • Very Expensive

2. KLIM Bungee Holder for Gaming Mouse

The KLIM bungee holder gives you a perfect degree of control over your mouse movements by carefully eliminating blockages and disruptions while simultaneously minimising the friction created between the mouse and the mouse pad. It provides good stability, flexible, and allows for perfect fluidity, making it a suitable addition to your gaming setup. 

In addition, it fulfils all your USB port needs as it comes equipped with 3 UBS ports, all with the latest USB 3.0 technology and an excellent power supply. The KLIM bungee comes with a detachable arm if you wish to use the bungee as a USB hub. With the latest USB 3.0 technology, the KLIM Bungee Holder allows for speedy connections and a high data transfer rate. 

Other features include the bungee’s aesthetic look that comprises RGB backlighting, which changes colours, making it look aesthetic and professional. 


  • USB 3.0 Port
  • Detachable Rubber Arm
  • High Durability


  • Mildly Expensive
  • No Option to turn off RGB lights

3. CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management

The CASETHRONE model is one of the most simple bungees you’ll come across. Equipped with all the necessary features, this gaming mouse cable management device helps you keep your cable-ridden desk organised in a clutter-free system. 

Equipped with a silicone head, this model can grip cables of every width and thickness. The non-slip base ensures greater flexibility altogether, ultimately giving you a strong grip on the table. 

Furthermore, the top of this mouse bungee is very flexible and soft. The metal coils that make up the holder adapt to the cord’s movement, and it can also hold wires that are thick in size. So, it keeps the cable secure and fastened, no matter how thick it is.


  • Simple Design
  • Drag-Free Movement
  • Weighted Center


  • Better alternatives in the same price range
  • Extremely lightweight

4. BenQ Zowie CAMADE II Gaming Mouse Bungee

If you’d recall, there are a number of matches you may have lost owing to your mouse cable drag. However, if you haven’t considered using a mouse bungee despite all those losses, it’s time you gave it a thought. The Zowie Camade is one of the best mouse bungees to date. 

Though a bit on the expensive side of things, the Zowie Camade makes up for it in all the other departments. When it comes to improving your aim, precision, and tracking skills, the Zowie Camade is the one to go for. Rightfully one of the best in the market, the Zowie Camade is known for providing users with a fantastic cable-free gaming experience. 

Weighing at only 245 grams, this mouse bungee has an adjustable spring to give you the optimum height while you game.


  • Adjustable Spring
  • Rubberised Base
  • Lightweight


  • Thick Cables

5. Uncrowned Kings Mouse Bungee

This Uncrowned Kings Mouse bungee is an excellent mix of innovation, affordability, and aesthetics. With a clean, simple, and highly sophisticated design, this mouse bungee has an adequate build quality with a solid magnetic detachable arm. Because of its subtle and simple design, this bungee can handle various cables of any width and thickness up to 0.5 mm. 

This one combines cable management and LED lightning display to enhance your gaming experience. In addition, it also prevents your mouse cable from snagging and dragging around the desk. Like many others, this one also features a space-saving design and takes up little space on your desk.  The spring arm is retractable for easy adjustment of the perfect length. 

It also has a sturdy and non-slip base to accommodate quick mouse movements. Meanwhile, the wire head won’t slip irrespective of how extreme your mouse movements are. The Uncrowned Kings Mouse bungee comes with a high quality braided micro-USB cable. 


  • Spring Loaded Cable Arm Support
  • LED Lighting Display
  • Lightweight


  • Questionable Durability

6. Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse

Just like the Razer Bungee V2, the Enhance Pro series also features a 4-port USB hub allowing you to swap out keyboards, headsets, and flash drives quickly. The Enhance Pro gaming bungee keeps your cable drag-free protects it from significant wear and tear caused due to rough or extreme usage.  With its heightened point of motion, this mouse bungee prevents snagging, ultimately improving your aim and precision.

The space-saving design on this bungee takes up minimal to no space on your desk and has a sturdy, stable base that won’t slip, irrespective of how extreme your mouse movements are. In addition, it features 7 LED colour modes that can be customised accordingly to match and enhance your gaming setup. 

With extreme fluidity, sturdiness, stability, and a space-saving design, this bungee is currently the best to buy during high-intensity gaming sessions. This unit has a spring designed metal cable arm designed to support cables of any size and thickness. Moreover, it also includes a discreet elastic holder for thinner cables. The cable arm is removable if you want to use the base as a USB hub.  


  • Spring Loaded Cable Arm Support
  • LED Lighting Display
  • High Quality
  • Small Footprint


  • Questionable Durability
  • Hard Plastic Clip
  • Expensive

7. Thermaltake TT Mouse Bungee

This is one of the most user-friendly bungees currently available in the market. Its simple, elegant, and space-saving design contributes mainly to its easy and convenient usage. The product’s magnetic properties ensure that the head is firmly attached to the bungee’s base to give a sturdy hold on the mouse cable. 

It comes with a detachable gallery head and can be easily cleaned to improve its durability. Meanwhile, this bungee’s unique intuitive design allows you to adjust the cable’s size inside it, allowing your bungee to adapt to every type of mice there is. The bungee’s non-slip grip, super flexibility, portability, and versatility are some of the key features that make this a no-brainer to invest in. 

This bungee is versatile enough to support different types of mice. This device can be disassembled and reassembled within no time. Its rigid three-legged base alongside its rubberised arm provides the excellent flexibility and balance you need during high-octane gaming sessions. 


  • Magnetic Properties
  • Great Flexibility
  • High Quality
  • Portable


  • Questionable Durability
  • Expensive

How To Choose The Best Mouse Bungee

There are multiple things to consider to ensure that you have the best gaming bungee. Here are some of the parameters that come into play when choosing a mouse bungee

1. Flexibility

Along with reducing the wear and tear on your mouse cable, a mouse bungee should provide the required amount of flexibility to move your mouse around as much as you want. Similarly, a mouse bungee with an adjustable mechanism will keep the mouse at a height best suited for your desk. 

2. Style

It is always good to add a little fashion sense to your gaming setup. A few pops of colour can do the trick and give your desk the vibrant look it needs. Mouse bungees equipped with RGB lightings can add some lighting to the mix.

3. Weight

The weight is another deciding factor when choosing a mouse bungee. A mouse bungee should weigh enough to remain stable in one place. Meanwhile, it should be light enough to be able to be transported from one place to another easily. Bungees made out of plastic can keep the device steady because of their added weight. 

4. Size

A mouse bungee should be compact and have a space-saving design. The properly sized bungee will only make it easier for you to have an organised desk. However, a large-sized bungee will only take up half your desk space. Note that the bungee should have a height such that it does not block your screen.

5. Extra Features

Some of the latest bungees come equipped with USB ports. Nowadays, you can find up to 3 USB ports in a majority of the bungees, each port powered by USB 3.0 technology, allowing you speedy connectivity along with a higher rate of data transfer. 


We hope we were able to inform you about everything there is about mouse bungees, right from how they work to all the factors that come into play when selecting a mouse bungee. Remember that mouse bungee is a niche product, and not many feel the need to invest in it. If you are a seasoned gamer who is accustomed to playing without a mouse bungee, you may wish to skip out on buying one. Just like many other products, a bungee is a simple product that keeps your mouse from tangling. 

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