Best Gaming Keypads with Analog Stick

Top 10 Best Gaming Keypads with Analog Stick

There are a lot of ways and peripherals that you can use to play games on your computer. This includes various things like fps gaming mouse, keyboards, joysticks, gaming controllers, VR controllers, and many others. One such popular gaming device that is used by a lot of PC gamers is a gaming keypad. These gaming keypads can be used to play a lot of games on your computer.

Usually, PC gaming requires a mouse for aiming and a keyboard for movement in games. Although, a full size keyboard can be a bit large and even unergonomic for some users. And this is where gaming keypads come into play that allow you to have the main keys of a keyboard in a small and compact form factor. Not only that but since these are gaming peripherals, you also get other additional features with these gaming keypads.

You can even have joysticks, macros, extra keys, RGB lighting, adjustment options, and much more in these gaming keypads that make them highly versatile for gaming. And since you are only using a gaming keypad for the movement and not aiming, you can use it in all kinds of games on your computer.

As these keypads are so handy, we are here with the Top 10 Best Gaming Keypads with Analog Stick. We have come up with this list after going through the best keypads available out there and trying out all of them. Since we have tested them thoroughly, we have even mentioned their major features and options. We have even considered gaming keypad reviews by the users to tell you about their differences.

You can also learn various things that you should consider while buying a gaming keypad with joystick as we have offered a buying guide in this article. So, if you want to buy a keypad for gaming, make sure to go through this article until the end.

10 Best Gaming Keypads with Analog Stick

As we have mentioned various important things about these gaming keyboards, you must know about them in general. And, chances are that you also want a one handed gaming keyboard. But as these are quite popular, you can find a wireless, mechanical, gaming keypad with an analog stick, and various other model options out there.

Although, since this many options can be quite confusing to have, some of you might be confused. Therefore, we are here with the Top 10 Best Gaming Keypads with Analog Stick. Since you can also find their major features and options to learn about their differences, make sure to go through the following one by one:

1. Razer Tartarus v2

If you are on a budget but still want all of the features and options offered by the Razer Orbweaver, then its entry level Tartarus v2 can be a great pick.

Razer’s Tartarus v2 can be a great buy if you want a value for money option. And if you do not want mechanical switches, it can be a viable Logitech G13 replacement because of the various features it offers. Unlike the previous Razer keypad, this one offers a total of 32 keys that makes it one of the best keypads out there in terms of the number of keys. Even though these are membrane switches, they are quite decent as they are made by Razer.

Apart from having an analog stick on the side, you even get a scroll wheel right next to it. This scroll wheel can be handy for gaming as well as in other programs on your computer. 

Thankfully, you can reach both of these quite easily with the help of the ergonomic design of this keypad.

If you are looking for the best gamepad that can be used for hours at a time, then this Razer product can be a great pick. It offers a padded arm wrist rest along with a comfortable palm wrest that also offers proper grip to the user. All of these things ensure that you get a proper grip while using this gamepad.

As per its name, it is a Razer Chroma product that comes included with advanced RGB lighting from Razer. This backlighting can be controlled via Razer Synapse software. You can also use this software to set up key macros, change or edit preset modes, and much more. You can combine the 32 keys of this gamepad to get a wide range of key combinations and macros. Hence, if you are looking for the best one hand gaming keyboard for productivity, this can be a great pick.


  • Best PC gaming keypad for high value for money
  • Advanced Razer Synapse software
  • Multiple keys along with scroll wheel and analog stick


  • Not as good as mechanical switches

2. Razer Tartarus Pro

As you can tell by the name of this Razer gamepad, it is essentially the Pro version of the previous one with additional features and options.

This Razer Tartarus Pro is one of the best keypads out there because of its unique options and offering. Unlike other options, this one offers analog optical switches. As you can tell by the name, these key switches are analog and give different outputs in the game according to the pressure applied.

For example, a slight press will cause your player to move slower and a hard press will make it move faster. Such a feature can be quite handy in driving games or any other game where you want variable input from your switches just like an analog stick.

And just like the previous Razer Tartarus Pro gaming keypad, this one also offers a total of 32 keys. While these key switches are not as good as a mechanical key switch in terms of the feedback, the overall experience certainly makes it one of the best one hand gaming keyboard options out there.

Apart from having analog key switches, you also get an analog joystick as well as a scroll wheel on the side of this gamepad. These can be quite handy for gaming and moving your player or aiming. Thankfully, since this gamepad offers a very similar design and shape as other Razer gaming keypads, you get a highly ergonomic shape and design. When combined with the padded wrist rest and palm rest, you can easily use this gamepad for a long time at a go. In fact, its palm rest is even adjustable as per your wish.

A great thing about this gamepad is that you can customize it according to your needs on a per game basis. This is possible with the help of 8 quick toggle profiles that it offers to the user. You can simply create multiple user profiles that contain the settings related to key mapping, macros, backlighting, and others. And once you switch between these profiles, these settings will automatically change.


  • High precision keys for analog input
  • Easy to use software with wide range of features
  • Offers multiple backlighting options


  • Quite expensive

3. Logitech G13

Logitech makes a lot of gaming peripherals for all kinds of games including competitive and esports titles because of their high precision products.

The Logitech G13 is one of the oldest and most popular options out there if you are looking for a Logitech gaming keypad. In fact, this Logitech gaming keypad is their high end option. Hence, when you compare Logitech G13 vs Razer Orbweaver, you get very similar features and options. And all these features offered by Logitech G13 make it one of the best PC gaming keypad.

While it is certainly quite expensive and a high end gaming device, you get a total of 25 keys in this gaming keypad. All of these keys are fully customizable and can be mapped to any key of your choice.

In fact, you can even add macro functions to these keys for saving a lot of time while playing games or using any other software on your computer. Similarly, the analog stick present on the side of this gamepad is also customizable as per your wish.

All of these functions are made possible with the help of the Logitech Gaming Software. If you have ever used any Logitech gaming peripheral in the past, then you must know that it offers a lot of features in its gaming software. Apart from making and editing key functions, you can also change the backlighting of this gaming keypad. It allows you to change brightness, colors, effects, and much more.

One of the most unique features of this Logitech gaming keypad is that it comes with an inbuilt LCD display. This display shows your game stats, system info, communication text, and various other things. You also get a total of 5 player profiles with this gamepad that can be quite handy for quickly changing settings of this gamepad. In other words, this is one of the best one hand gaming keyboard option in terms of the features offered by it.


  • Comes with an inbuilt LCD display
  • 25 fully customizable keys
  • Customizable analog stick


  • Quite expensive

4. Redragon K585 DITI

If you are familiar with budget friendly and value for money gaming peripheral brands, then you must have heard about Redgear in the past.

Redragon’s K585 DITI is one of the best PC gaming keypad option if you are on a budget as it is priced fairly low.

Despite being an affordable gaming keypad, this one comes with a total of 42 keys all of which are mechanical switches. While these switches are not as good as much more expensive options out there, they are certainly better than any other membrane key switches. Another great thing about these keys is that you get a total of 7 onboard macros. This means that you can use the macros even if you are not running the Redragon software on your computer.

Talking about its ergonomics, it comes with a decent wrist rest that offers comfort while accessing the main keys or the side keys of this gaming keypad. This wrist rest can also be removed if you do not want one or want to add one of your own if needed. Since it has a very simple and straightforward design, it is quite ergonomic and can be used for a long time without any issues.

Unfortunately, you do not get any analog stick on the side which can be an issue for some users. This means that if you want a gaming keypad for aiming in games or for using a joystick for movement, you should look elsewhere as this one is not the best option. Thankfully, the Outemu blue switches of this keypad offer decent accuracy along with great feedback that is expected from most mechanical switches out there.

It also offers RGB backlighting to the user that offers a total of 16.8 million colors. You can even customize this backlighting as per your need since you get a total of 5 color modes directly on the gamepad for ease of use. Another handy feature of this gaming keypad is that it comes with a USB passthrough port. This port can be quite handy if you want to further connect a mouse or a headset directly to this keypad.


  • Comes with multiple backlighting modes for ease of use
  • Detachable wrist rest for added comfort
  • Simple and straightforward design


  • Lacks any analog stick on the side

5. Razer Orbweaver Chroma

You can find a wide range of gaming peripherals from Razer that generally offer a lot of features to the user just like its one hand gaming keyboard.

The Razer Orbweaver is one of the best options out there if you are looking for a Logitech G13 replacement. This is possible due to the reason that it offers a wide range of features and options to its user. And just like any other Razer product out there, these features can be controlled via the Razer Synapse software. You can even synchronise these settings along with your other Razer peripherals with the help of this software.

It is one of the best gaming keypad options out there as you get mechanical switches in this keyboard.

This one hand gaming keyboard uses Razer Green switches that are the same ones found in high end gaming keyboards from Razer. In other words, you get precise and accurate actuation results while using it.

Just like any other mechanical switch, this one offers a great tactile feedback that makes Logitech G13 vs Razer Orbweaver a very close competition. As per its name, you get a total of 30 of these mechanical keys that include hotkeys and action keys. You can also set macros in these keys for saving a lot of time. And if you want to quickly change settings, that can also be done using its custom user profiles.

Another great thing about this Razer gamepad is that it offers RGB backlighting that can be easily customized. You also get an easy to reach 8 directional analog stick for easy movement and aim in your favorite games. Its palm grip is quite soft and ensures that this one hand gaming keyboard does not slip. And all of these things make the Razer Orbweaver one of the best gaming keypad options out there.


  • Advanced software options and features with macros
  • Multiple user profiles and game profiles
  • Great build quality


  • Quite expensive
  • Older model of gaming keypad

6. Razer Nostromo

As mentioned earlier, Razer makes a lot of gaming peripherals at all kinds of price points like its Nostromo.

This Razer Nostromo is one of most expensive and high end offerings from Razer. Although, since it is an older model, you do not get all of the latest features and options in it. Starting with its keys, you get a total of 16 fully programmable keys in this gaming keypad.

You also get an accurate and compact analog stick on the side along with a scroll wheel. Both of these can be combined to get extra precise control while playing games using this keypad. This analog stick and the scroll wheel are easy to reach due to the ergonomic wrist rest of Razer Nostromo.

In fact, you can even adjust this wrist rest according to your needs and preferences as it offers an adjustable design.

While you do not get full RGB backlighting, its basic backlighting should be more than enough for most users out there. It can be tweaked slightly from the Razer software for easily seeing the keys in the dark. Speaking of the software, you can also use the software to modify the key functions and even add macros in this gaming keypad. As you would expect, these macros can be handy for both gaming as well as other programs.

Just like most other options in this article, you also get a total of 8 profiles in this keypad. These profiles can be quite handy while quickly changing the settings. It even gets 20 game profiles that automatically change the gamepad settings according to the given game.


  • 16 fully programmable keys
  • Adjustable wrist rest
  • Advanced software options and features with macros


  • Quite expensive
  • Older model of gaming keypad
  • Basic backlighting

7. Delux T9

In comparison to the various other options in this article, Delux is a much smaller brand of gaming peripherals and thus makes affordable products.

The Delux T9 is the cheapest option present in this article and makes for a great choice for users who are on a budget. Even though this is a budget friendly option, you get a total of 46 keys in this one handed gaming keyboard. This is much higher than even some of the more expensive options out there. Although, these keys are membrane switches and could have been much better in terms of the precision and tactile feedback.

Thankfully, having this many keys offers various possibilities to the user in terms of the things you can do using it.

All of these keys can be used along with the function keys to make effective key combinations and shortcuts. You can easily reach all of these keys at once due to the ergonomic and comfortable design of the Delux T9. It even offers a wrist rest that is padded properly for extra comfort and ergonomics.

If you love to have media keys on your keyboard, then this keypad can be a great option for you. This offers various multimedia keys like volume buttons, music controls, web button, escape button, and various others. As you would expect, these keys can save you a lot of time while using your computer whether you are playing games or not.

While the design and ergonomics of this keyboard are quite great, the build quality is just average that is to be expected at the given price tag. Its backlighting is also quite simple and straight forward. You can only adjust the brightness of the LED backlighting as you do not get any effects or customization. This gaming keypad offers a lot of keys on all sides that can be easily reached due to its design. Although, you do not get any analog stick with this Delux T9 keypad.


  • Offers a comfortable and padded wrist rest
  • Easy to reach buttons with ergonomic design
  • LED backlighting for ease of use in the dark


  • Build quality is average
  • No advanced backlighting effects

8. ACEPHA T9 Pro

Acepha is another small brand of gaming peripherals that offers one of the best one handed gaming keyboard options out there.

Acepha’s T9 Pro offers a great balance between price and features. You get a lot of features from high end keyboards without paying a premium. This is possible due to the reason that instead of using mechanical keys, this one uses membrane keys. Although, all of these 29 keys come with a 16 key anti ghosting feature so that you can press all of them at the same time without any issues.

If you like to customize your gaming keypad in terms of its looks and colors, then this one offers a great backlighting LED. You get a total of 7 LED backlight colors with this gamepad that are easy to switch.

As you would expect, the brightness of this LED backlighting can also be changed as per your wish. But you do not get any customization options with the backlighting.

However, the keys and their function is easily customizable as you get fully programmable keys with this keypad. You can map the keys to any function of your choice without any issues. Since you also get anti-ghosting, you can press a lot of these keys at once to make a wide range of possible key combinations without any issues.

Just like most other options present in this article, you also get a wrist rest with this Acepha T9 Pro. This wrist rest ensures that it is comfortable to use and offers an ergonomic design to the user. While you do get an additional thumb rest on the side, it does not have any analog stick that can be an issue for some users out there. Even though this gaming keypad uses membrane keys, the keys offer decent feedback to the user due to which they are called mecha feel keys.


  • Quite a comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Easy to change key mapping and backlighting
  • Anti ghosting for various key combinations


  • Lacks analog stick

9. GameSir GK100

Gamesir is a brand of gaming peripherals that is mainly known for making controllers and accessories for smartphones.

This GameSir GK100 gaming keypad is one of the only options out there that can be used with your PC as well as smartphone. It can be used with your smartphone by using the GameSir X1 docking accessory that you have to buy separately. Focusing on the gaming keypad, it comes with a total of 32 mechanical blue key switches. These switches offer anti ghosting along with a great tactile feedback so that you have a great gaming experience.

Even though it is made for mobile gaming, it comes with a PC companion software. You can use this software to customize a lot of things about this keypad.

It can be used to change the backlight settings, remap keys to a specific function, create macros for saving time, and much more. You even get a total of 8 user profiles that allow you to quickly and easily change the keypad settings if needed.

To make this gaming keypad ideal for portable and mobile gaming, GameSir has offered a small and compact design. Even then, you get a great comfortable and ergonomic design. This is possible with the help of the wrist rest on GK100. You can also remove this wrist rest if needed.

While you do not get any joystick or analog stick in this keypad, it comes with an arrow keys mode. This mode allows you to easily change the extra keys into arrow keys for better movement in games that do not support the WASD keys.


  • Fully customizable RGB backlighting
  • Removable wrist rest for comfort
  • Small and compact design for mobile gaming


  • Does not come with an analog stick

10. Aula Excalibur

Coming to the last gamepad option, we have a decent offering from a brand called Aula that includes various handy features.

The Aula Excalibur gaming keypad offers one of the most unique key layouts in terms of its design. As a result, it is either highly ergonomic and comfortable for the user, or you will not like the design at all. Thankfully, the wrist rest of this keypad is well padded and ensures that you do not get any issues while playing games for a long time at once.

Apart from having the normal keys, you get multiple function keys all around this keypad. This results in a total of 30 blue switch mechanical keys for proper accuracy and feedback.

You even get proper RGB backlighting in this gaming keypad. It comes with a total of 5 lighting modes along with the support for a custom LED mode for ease of use while in the dark.

If you want, you can program all of the keys of this keypad as per your need. When combined with its macro functionality, you can save a lot of time while using this model for your gaming needs. In fact, you even get 10 fully programmable shortcut keys on the side of this gaming keypad. These keys are placed right under your thumb and allow the user to easily access them.


  • Offers multiple keys all around the gaming keypad
  • Comfortable and ergonomic wrist rest
  • Compatible with all computers
  • Offers blue mechanical switches


  • Lacks analog stick on the side
  • Unique and different key layout

Things to Consider while Buying a Gaming Keypad

We have already mentioned all of the major features and options for the one-handed gaming keyboards mentioned above. While these can be handy to easily pick up the best one for you, some of you might be still confused. Hence, we are here with a detailed buying guide related to gaming keypads.

You can learn some of the most important things related to gaming keypads that you should consider before buying one. Some of these factors are going to be important for some users while others might be important for other users. Therefore, if you want to buy the best gaming keypad for you, make sure to go through the following factors one by one:

1. Type of Keypad

gaming keypad with analog stick

All of the options available today differ from each other in terms of their features and specification. You can either go for a wireless keypad or for a cheap gaming keypad depending on your requirements. But selecting the right type of keypad is quite important before buying a new one.

The types are based on the key switches these keypads use. Just like a normal gaming keyboard, these gaming keypads also have different keyboard switches. Hence, you can find both membrane gaming keypad as well as mechanical gaming keypad models. You can choose either of these as per your wish and gaming preferences.

Membrane Keypad

If you are looking for a cheap gaming keypad, then going with a membrane keypad makes a lot of sense. This is simply due to the reason that these can be generally bought for a very affordable price. Usually such membrane keypads use a rubber dome for the keypad switch actuation. While the tactile feedback might not be the most accurate in these, you surely get a decent gaming experience for the given price tag.

Mechanical Keypads

Although, if you do not have any budget restrictions and want the best experience while using a gaming keypad, then you should go for a mechanical gaming keypad. Mechanical keypads simply offer a better experience to the user. This is possible due to their mechanical key switches that are much more accurate and offer a great feedback to the user. Although, mechanical keypads are not the best option out there if you are looking for a cheap gaming keypad.

2. Ergonomics


One of the best things about buying a one hand gaming keyboard is that they are quite small and compact. This makes them a great option if you find a normal gaming keyboard quite large and cumbersome. Although, if you want to use a gaming keypad with an analog stick for a long time at once, you should get one that offers an ergonomic design and shape. You can even find wireless gaming keypads which cuts down the hassle of wire.

3. Analog Stick

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of models available if you want a gaming keypad with analog stick. This analog stick can be quite handy in a lot of games where you might want to move your character using a joystick instead of keyboard keys. In fact, you can even use this joystick for aiming if you want. As a result, you do not even need a mouse for gaming on your computer as you can simply use a one handed gaming keyboard and use its analog stick for aiming.

4. Macro Keys

Even though gaming keypads for PCs have a small and compact design, you can still control all aspects of your favorite game. This is possible due to the fact that you get macro keys in almost all of the best PC gaming keypad options out there. These macro keys allow you to perform several functions at the press of a single key. Due to this, you can even enjoy these macro keys in other programs installed on your computer. As you would expect, these macro keys can be modified using the companion software included with your one handed gaming keyboard.

5. Extra keys

Apart from having macro keys, you can even find multiple extra keys included with most gaming keypads out there. While these keys do not have any actual function on their own, you can bind them to any function in your game. Such extra keys can be quite handy to have especially when you consider the limited number of keys present on a given gaming peripheral. These extra keys are generally present in a group so that you can easily use them for key combinations. Some gaming keypads include these keys on the bottom, while others have them on the side so that you can easily reach them if needed.

6. Backlighting

Keypad Backlighting

If you are familiar with gaming keyboards for PC, then you must know that all of them come with inbuilt backlighting. While some models have a simple white backlighting, others might have a colored RGB backlight. This allows you to easily read the keys in the dark as well as customize the keyboard as per your color preference. Similarly, these one handed gaming keyboards also come included with backlighting options. Some of them are static and simple while others offer a wide range of customization options via a separate app on your PC.

7. Programmable Features

You can find a wide range of programmable features in almost all of the options available today. This includes things like changing key mapping settings, adding macros, changing the backlighting, and various other things. In other words, you can make a given keypad function as you want it to. Although, in order to change all of these things, you have to use the companion software of your gaming keypad. While some models allow you to store these settings directly on the gamepad, others require you to keep the software running in the background at all times.

8. Price

As you would expect, you can find both cheap as well as expensive gaming keypads out there. You should buy either of these after considering your budget and the features that you are looking for. It is quite obvious that more expensive options generally offer more features to the user for a better experience. Although, if you want a high value for money gaming keypad, then the mid range options are going to be better for you. These models offer a lot of things to the user for their given price. Thankfully, since there are a lot of gaming keypads out there, you can easily pick up the perfect one at your desired price range.


Once you have gone through this article, you must know a lot of things about one handed gaming keyboards. This is possible due to the reason that we have mentioned all of the specifications along with pros and cons of the various gaming keypads mentioned in this article.

You can even find a detailed buying guide related to these keypads in this article that takes you through some of the most important things you should consider before buying such a gaming keypad. We hope all of these things have allowed you to easily buy the best gaming keypad for you. But if you still have any doubts or want to share your thoughts regarding these gaming keypads, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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  1. Half of the models mentioned, despite the title if the article, do not have an analog stick. Of the ones that do, only the Razer Tartarus v2 and the Tartarus Pro have not been discontinued. The Azeron is a keypad with a stick that is currently in production, but has been omitted.

  2. “Top 10 Best Gaming Keypads with Analog Stick”
    Only half of list contains macro pads with analog stick

    Nice list, Bro.

  3. The only game pad you listed that has analog joystick is DISCOUNTED (G13 still available as used). The Azeron game pad maybe the only (available as new) game pad with an analog stick. Directional pads are trash compared to analog.

  4. None of these are actually analog sticks. They are 8 way directional and nothing like an actual analog stick like an Xbox or PS controller.

  5. So, article called to top ten best gaming keypads with analog stick… had 4 entries that have no analog stick. Also, I think you should have included the Azeron. Has an analog and digital stick, and a unique configuration…

  6. The only keypad that has an analog stick isn’t even on this list it’s the azeron keypad which I highly recommend.

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