AOC G2790VX 27-inch Gaming Monitor Review

AOC G2790VX Review

AOC International is one of the many respectable brands for all types of monitors, TV, and display parts manufacturing. The brand has been around since the 1960s, exporting color television from Taiwan, but has since expanded to many other related products, building a strong business name in the electronics industry worldwide. 

When the gaming industry started to gain traction in the early 2000s, AOC joined the crowd, releasing gaming-specific monitors at a more decent price than its competitors in the market. Since then, AOC became a household name in the gaming community. 

In this article, we will be reviewing one of the more recent offerings from AOC, the AOC G2790VX. The AOC G2790VX was first made available last year but has since become one of the most high-rated gaming monitors from the AOC brand. 

AOC G2790VX Review


AOC G2790VX Review
Screen Resolution1920×1080 (Full HD)
Panel Size27 inch
Panel TypeVA
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms
StandAdjustable (Tilt)
Ports1x display port, 1x HDMI (1.4) port


  1. It features a frameless design that makes it pleasing to look at, especially in a multi-monitor setup.
  2. Has wide display size choices, from 24 inches up to 27 inches.
  3. 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time make sure everything is all smooth and fluid.
  4. 121.94% sRGB and 89.89% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage for a more realistic color rendition.
  5. Uses a VA panel, ensuring a wide viewing angle. 178 ° horizontal and vertical viewing angle. A huge advantage when playing high-stakes games.


  1. Only 1080p Full HD output.
  2. Limited port solutions. If one of the ports fails, you need to have it fixed to use it again.
  3. The display only has an 8-bit color depth, not 10-bit. It can only show up to 16.7 million colors versus 1.07 billion colors from a 10-bit monitor.

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Features of AOC G2790VX

Now that we are aware of the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of the AOC G2790VX, let’s go through each of its features.

1. Design

aoc g2790vx 27 inch monitor review

One of the best features of the AOC G2790VX is its design language. Despite its price, AOC was able to offer a bezel-less display on the AOC G2790VX but also retaining a single strip of bezel at the bottom to house the AOC logo.

Regardless, the single strip of bezel at the bottom doesn’t take away the overall design. In my personal opinion, it is actually pretty unique.

Plus, AOC actually decided to go with the frameless design to enable users to have a multi-monitor setup without the hindrance of a wide frame.

While I like that trademark red bottom bezel of any AOC monitors, it would have been way better if they were able to give any other colorways other than red. I guess I was just being nitpicky, but there are actually a lot of gamers out there who themes their gaming setup. 

2. Performance

One of the many highlights of the AOC G2790VX 27″ monitor is its performance. Considering its price, this gaming monitor is a beast. While the display resolution is just 1080p Full HD and not fancy 4K, AOC made sure to include a 144Hz panel. That means AOC G2790VX can handle all the games that max out at 144 fps (frames per second).

Since it is also using a VA panel, AOC was able to bring a 1ms response time. This is an essential feature for high action games. Response time basically tells you how fast a single pixel can change to another color. The lower the response time, the better the fast-moving images will be displayed on the monitor.

3. Adaptive Sync

aoc g2790vx 27 inch monitor review

Of course, a gaming monitor with high refresh-rate, and low response time won’t be able to perform best without a great adaptive sync feature. An adaptive sync feature makes sure that your monitor directly communicates with your computer’s GPU. That if your GPU supports an adaptive sync feature.

The AOC G2790VX supports AMD’s adaptive sync feature called Freesync Premium. AMD has recently classified its line of Freesync technology. The Freesync Premium lies between the normal Freesync and the higher-end Freesync Premium Pro.

According to AMD, Freesync Premium should, at its minimum, support at least a 120Hz refresh rate in a 1080p display. It should also feature low framerate compensation, tear-free, low flicker, low latency. All of these features are in line with the AOC G2790VX.

4. VA Panel

As mentioned earlier, the VA panel on AOC G2790VX made the 1ms response time possible. This is the mere reason why most gaming monitor is still using VA panels, instead of IPS or TN TFT. 

While the viewing angle is slightly smaller than that of the IPS display, the color can be perfectly close to that of the IPS display. Basically, VA panels sit in the middle of the TN TFT and IPS LCD.

5. Number of Ports

aoc g2790vx 27-inch gaming monitor review

Unfortunately, this is where the AOC G2790VX lags behind other gaming monitors out there. In all fairness, the monitor includes two ports – a display port and an HDMI 1.4 port. This should be enough for many users. However, when you start to think about how many times you had issues with a single port on your gaming monitors before, having only two ports seems like a bad choice.

First of all, not having an extra port means when you run into an issue with either one of the ports, you are basically left with nothing. You need to first have it fixed to continue using it. And we all know repairs are both expensive and a huge hassle.

6. Mounting Options

The AOC G2790VX is VESA mount-compliant. VESA, or Video Electronics Standards Association, has set a standard for manufacturing flatscreen televisions, and monitors. One of those standards is set for wall mounting systems so manufacturers have a single standard to follow when designing their product. This should also allow consumers to easily find a wall mount to mount the television or monitor on the wall instead of using the stand.

Since the AOC G2790VX is VESA mount-compliant, you should be able to mount it on the wall instead of it just being on the removable monitor stand. The AOC G2790VX has a VESA interface of 100x100mm, supports forward tilt up to 5 degrees, and backward tilt up to 23 degrees.

7. Other Features

The following are the other features worth mentioning about the AOC G2790VX. It has its own proprietary features, as well as other common features most gaming monitor manufacturers usually overlooked but can have a huge difference in user experience.

> HDR Mode

The HDR Mode is something I never forget to ask whenever I buy a new television set. I just can’t deal with a display panel that can’t produce HDR images. HDR Mode makes content even more pleasing to look at, and once you have fully immersed yourself in an HDR compliant monitor, you won’t ever dare going back with an SDR display. 

HDR stands for high-dynamic range. In imaging, HDR means the difference between the darkest and brightest parts of the image. A camera with a high-dynamic-range sensor produces very good details in the shadow, without comprising the highlights by overexposing it. 

aoc g2790vx 27in 144hz monitor gaming monitor review

It is the same thing with the display. If your display supports HDR, and you have HDR-compliant content, the images displayed on the screen will turn out more vibrant and detailed all throughout the game. Thanks to an improved saturation, contrast, and range.

If you haven’t had an HDR-compliant gaming monitor before, then the AOC G2790VX will be a good start.

> AOC Game Mode

The AOC G2790VX also comes with a proprietary AOC feature called Game Mode. While the monitor is already designed specifically for gaming, there is still a lot of games out there that need to have their own preset to fully enjoy. Other gaming monitors allow full manual control of these settings, but sometimes, it is such a hassle to always set up your monitor every time you start playing a game.

aoc g2790vx 27 inch gaming monitor review

The AOC G2790VX features a Game Mode allowing users to make a quick adjustment depending on the genre of the game they are playing. The AOC G2790VX contains three presets (FPS, Racing, and RTS), but can also save up to two manual presets depending on the preference of the gamer.

> Low Blue Mode

A blue light filter is becoming a really popular feature for smartphone display nowadays. As more and more people are staring at their screens every day, manufacturers see the need to develop a feature designed to take care of our eye health. 

Blue light is a color that in the light visible spectrum that human eyes can see. Since blue light has a short wavelength, that means it projects a high amount of energy to our eyes. Overexposure to blue light is known to cause a lot of eye issues such as fatigue, headache, sleeplessness, and eyestrain.

aoc g2790vx 27in 144hz monitor gaming monitor review

This is especially concerning for gamers who, for hours, are staring at their monitor, playing games on their computers. Thankfully, AOC G2790VX has Low Blue Mode features which strain and reduces blue light output from the display. Paired with the flicker-free technology (which I will discuss below), the Low Blue Light mode on the AOC G2790VX will allow users to play longer without the issues from the blue light filter.

> Flicker-Free Technology

Aside from the Low Blue Mode, the AOC G2790VX also features a flicker-free technology. Unlike other normal LED-backlit gaming monitors which use a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to adjust brightness, AOC uses a flicker-free Direct Current (DC) technology for display adjustment to eliminate the flickering on the panel which may cause dizziness and other issues in the long run.

> Custom built-in crosshair

Finally, we reached the last feature for the AOC G2790VX and probably one of the coolest. The AOC G2790VX features DialPoint, a custom built-in crosshair to help the first-person shooter (FPS) gamers to have a more accurate and precise aim at enemies. 


The AOC G2790VX is one of the best, and affordable gaming monitors you can buy right now. While it has its own disadvantages, we think all of its advantages are convincing enough to make it one of your worthwhile investments in 2021. While this is specifically designed to be used as a gaming monitor, this also has a lot of potential for other purposes like photo and video editing.

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